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Richard Hill

Research Interests:

I am an associate professor in theoretical particle physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  

See the links for detailed research pages, people associated with my group, talks, and links to courses.


- Ryan Plestid receives Neutrino Theory Network postdoctoral fellowship (1/4/2022)

- Kaushik Borah receives URA Visiting Scholars Award (10/1/2021)

- Qing Chen awarded a KITP Graduate Fellowship for Winter/Spring 2021 (10/9/2020)

- online PIKIMO meeting, 24 October 2020: Particle physics in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michicago and Ohio 

- Ryan Plestid awarded Fermilab Intensity Frontier Fellowship (2/18/2020)

- Oleksandr Tomalak receives URA Visiting Scholars Award (4/23/2019)

- University of Kentucky joins Universities Research Association (URA)  (1/30/2018)

- MITP topical workshop 23-27 July 2018: Precision measurements and fundamental physics: the proton radius puzzle and beyond (application deadline 4/15/18)

- INT workshop 25-29 June 2018: From nucleons to nuclei: enabling discovery for neutrinos, dark matter and more

- INT program 12 June - 13 July 2018: Fundamental physics with electroweak probes of light nuclei (application deadline 12/31/17 passed)