Astro Seminar: A Post-Mortem on Post-Starburst Galaxies

Nuclear Seminar: Neutron lifetime with a cold neutron beam at NIST

Theory Seminar: Phenomenally of neutron-antineutron conversion

Theory Seminar: BCFW recursion relations for in Chern-Simons theories with fundamental matter

Theory Seminar: Understanding Black Hole Formation in String Theory

Nuclear Seminar: The Qweak Experiment - Direct Measurement of the Weak Charge of the Proton

Balancing the Cluster Baryon Budget

Colloquium: Probing Topology with Magnetism: A View from the Surface

Thermalization, Defects, and Avalanches in Artificial Spin Ice

Colloquium: The Puzzle of Low Ionization Gas Emission in Galaxies

Accurate Calculations in Heavy Atom Chemistry

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