Writing for a Broad Public Audience Virtual Workshop (CHSS)

New Limit on the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of 129Xe using 3He Comagnetometry and SQUID Detection

Negative thermal expansion and entropic elasticity in ScF3 type empty perovskites

Gravity from Averaging CFTs

A Covariant Lattice and its Application to String Bits

Towards an infrared realization of dS_2 in AdS_2

Virasoro blocks and quasimodular forms

Equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics of highly frustrated quantum magnets

From Molecules to Organic Semiconductors: The Challenges of Processing and Polymorphs from the Perspective of Modeling

Breaking of Discrete and Continuous Symmetries in Coupled SYK or Tensor Models

Inflation and Alternative Early Universe Scenarios in Light of the Swampland Constraints

Organic Thermoelectrics and Perovskite Solar Cells: Insights from Photoelectron Spectroscopy

A Good Hard Look at Cosmic Supermassive Black Hole Growth

Nuclear Structure Physics in CEvNS

Bridging the Gap Between Galaxy and Star Formation with Star Clusters

Probing Magnetic Field Morphology in Galaxy Clusters with the Gradient Technique

The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey, current status and preliminary results from the miniJPAS survey

Tracing the physics of the neutral and ionized ISM with the HI-MaNGA survey

The Obscured Universe

New Evidence for Anyons: Braiding and Collisions

Seeing the Milky Way with new eyes

Reactor Neutrinos and the PROSPECT Experiment

Intro grad students + "The physics of global warming"

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