Electroweak Baryogenesis, ACME II, and Dark Sector CP Violation

Elastic neutrino-electron scattering in effective field theory

Jet Dynamics and Feedback: Deep X-ray Observations of Centaurus A and M87

Hadronization and jet substructure at RHIC and the LHC

Magnetic Field Monitoring in the SNS Neutron EDM Experiment

Hyperfine Splitting in Muonium: Theory meets J-PARC Experiment

Weighing in on Neutrinos

Neutron stars droplets and the quarks within

X-ray Astronomy: Past, Present, and a Dynamic Future

Organic Semiconductors: Opportunities (and Obstacles) to Technological Application

On the validity of linear models of electron-lattice coupled systems

Nature Never Deals Off of the Bottom of the Deck…but She Holds All of the Aces: The Joys of Doing Precision Measurement Science

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