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Current group members: 

Peter Vander Griend, 2022-, postdoctoral researcher

Kaushik Borah, 2019- , Ph.D. student

Anthony Kelly, 2023- , undergraduate student 


Former group members:

Ryan Plestid, 2019-2022 , postdoctoral researcher, moved to NTN Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech 

Qing Chen, 2018-2021 , Ph.D. student, moved to postdoc, ICTS, University of Science and Technology of China

Oleksandr Tomalak, 2018-2021, postdoctoral researcher, moved to Director's Fellow, LANL 


Martin Bauer, postdoctoral researcher 2012-2014, moved to postdoc, U. Heidelberg (currenlty faculty Durham U. IPPP)

Johannes Heinonen, postdoctoral researcher, 2010-2012, moved to postdoc Siegen University

Gil Paz, postdoctoral researcher, 2009-2011, moved to faculty Wayne State University

Aaron Meyer, Ph.D. student 2013-2017, moved to postdoc BNL

Mikhail Solon, Ph.D. student 2010-2014, moved to postdoc UC Berkeley/LBNL (currently faculty UCLA) 

Gabriel Lee, Ph.D. student 2010-2014, moved to postdoc Technion 

Carlos Blanco, undergraduate student 2014-2015, moved to Ph.D. student U.Chicago

Z. Jiang, undergraduate student 2012-2014, moved to Ph.D. student Stanford U.