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Congratulations to Our Students Who Earned Ph.D.s in the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Da Bi (Shlosman): “First Steps in the Small-Scale Structure Formation in the Universe: the Appearance of Galaxies” – now a postdoc, Center for Astrophysics and Related Technologies (Chile).

Priyanka Chakraborty (Ferland): “Exploring the X-ray Universe in the Microcalorimeter Era” – now a postdoc, Harvard University (Massachusetts).

Qing Chen (Hill): “Effective Field Theory Applications: From Dark Matter to Neutrino Nucleon Scattering” – now at University of Science and Technology (China).

Austin Hinkel (Gardner): “Axial Symmetry Tests of Milky Way Disk Stars Probe the Galaxy’s Matter Distribution” – now a professor at Colorado College.

Amrit Kaphle (De Long): “Magnetization Dynamics in a Modified Square Artificial Spin Ice” – now a research scientist at Tokyo Electron (New York).

Laura Kelton (Fatemi): “An Energy-Integrated Analysis for Measuring the Anomalous Precession Frequency for the Muon g-2” – now a postdoc at Fermilab (Illinois).

Brian Kim (Martin): “Angular Distribution of Electron-Helium Scattering in the Presence of a 1.17 eV Laser Field” – now teaching at University of Kentucky.

Sinong Liu (Das): “Topics in Quantum Quench and Entanglement” – now a postdoc, University of Warsaw (Poland).

Murchhana Roy (Korsch): “Precision Cross-Section Extraction in the Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering of 10.4 GeV Electrons from Polarized Helium-3 Gas Target to Probe the Neutron Spin Structure” – now a magnetics engineer at MP Materials (Nevada).

Amartya Saha (Murthy): “Strongly Correlated Phases in Quantum Hall Systems” – now a business analyst at Ninjacart (India).

Danielle Schaper (Plaster): “A Precision Measurement of the Parity Violation Present in the 0.7 eV Nuclear Resonance in La-139 in Preparation for the NOPTREX Time-Reversal Violation Experiment” – now a postdoc at Los Alamos National Lab (New Mexico).