Susan Gardner

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  • Professor
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • High-Energy Physics
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL351
Research Interests:

Ph.D., M.I.T. (1988)


Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics 

My research lies at the interface of nuclear and particle physics. In particular, I study the discrete symmetries C, P, T -- and the manifestations of their violation -- in the structure and interactions of hadrons.

The interpretation of precision, low-energy measurements of hadronic processes to infer the existence of emergent, high-energy phenomena can require quantitative assessment of the Standard Model contributions. Thus I am interested in improving our understanding of the non-perturbative dynamics of the strong interaction, particularly as it impacts the reliability of such predictions.

I am also interested in establishing the means by which terrestrial experiments can probe the nature of dark matter. This interest has spawned "data mining" projects to investigate the local structure of the Milky Way and concomitant astrophysical constraints on dark matter.


  • B.S., Physics and Chemistry, Caltech (1982)
  • M.A., Chemical Physics, Columbia University (1983)
  • Ph.D., Theoretical Nuclear Physics, M.I.T. (1988)

Graduate Students

  • Austin Hinkel
  • Jun Shi
  • Xinshuai Yan [Ph.D., 2017]

Undergraduate Students

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