Nicholas Martin

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  • Professor, APS Fellow
  • Physics & Astronomy
CP271, CP056 (Lab)
859-257-5840, 859-257-2899 (Lab)
Research Interests:

Keble College, Oxford University. B.A. (Physics) 1971. M.Sc. (Science and Applications of Electrical Plasmas) 1972. M.A. 1977. D. Phil. (Physics) 1977.


Experimental Atomic Physics


  • Electron impact excitation and ionization of atoms.
  • (e,2e) spectroscopy of autoionizing levels.
  • Non-dipole photoelectron studies on autoionizing levels.
  • Laser assisted electron scattering.


  • B.A., Physics, Keble College, Oxford University (1971)
  • M.Sc., Physics, Keble College, Oxford University  (1972)
  • M.A., Physics,  Keble College, Oxford University(1977)
  • D. Phil., Experimental Atomic Physics,  Keble College, Oxford University (1977)

Graduate Students

  • David Brian Thompson (PhD. 1994)
  • Robert Bauman (PhD. 1999)
  • Greg Childers (PhD. 2001)
  • Bruno deHarak (PhD 2007)
Selected Publications: 
  • B. A. deHarak, L. Ladino, K. B. MacAdam and N. L. S. Martin, “High-energy electron-helium scattering in a Nd:YAG laser field”, Phys. Rev. A 83, (2011) 022706.

  • B.A. deHarak, K. Bartschat, and N.L.S. Martin, “Out-of-plane (e, 2e) angular distributions and energy spectra of helium L=0, 1, 2 autoionizing levels”, Phys. Rev. A. 82, 062705 (2010).

  • N. L. S. Martin and B. A. deHarak (editors), “International Symposium on (e,2e), Double Photoionization and Related Topics & 15th International Symposium on Polarization and Correlation in Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Lexington, Kentucky, US 30 July 1 August 2009”, Journal of Physics: conference series, Vol 212, 2010. 

  • B.A. deHarak, K. Bartschat, and N.L.S. Martin, “Complex Fano asymmetry parameters for helium L=0, 1, 2 autoionizing levels excited by electron impact”, J. Phys. B. 38, 225021 (2009).

  • B.A. deHarak, K. Bartschat, and N.L.S. Martin, “Out-of-plane (e, 2e) experiments on helium L=0, 1, 2 autoionzing levels”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 063201 (2008).

  • B.A. deHarak, J.G. Childers, and N. L. S. Martin, "The ejected electron spectrum of He below the N=2 threshold", Phys. Rev. A. 74, 032714 (2006).

  • B.A. deHarak, Z.Chen, D. H. Madison, and N. L. S. Martin, "Experimental and theoretical momentum transfer dependence of the He (e,2e) cross section", J. Phys. B  38, L145 (2005).
  • B. Kraessig, E. P. Kanter, S. H. Southworth, R. Guillemin, O. Hemmers, D.W. Lindle, R. Wehlitz, and N. L. S. Martin, "Photoexcitation of a Dipole-Forbidden Resonance in Helium", Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 203002 (2002).
  • N.L.S. Martin, D.B. Thompson, R.P. Bauman, C.D. Caldwell, M.O. Krause, S.P. Frigo, and M. Wilson, "Electric Dipole-Quadrupole Interference of Overlapping Autoionizing Levels in Photoelectron Energy Spectra", Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 1199 (1998).
  • N.L.S. Martin, D.B. Thompson, R.P. Bauman and M. Wilson, "Determination of Complex Ionization Amplitudes by (e,2e) Spectroscopy", Phys .Rev. Lett 72, 2163 (1994).
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