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Isaac Shlosman

Research Interests:

Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University (1986)


Theoretical Astrophysics


My research interests are in Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics. I work on three main issues: Formation and evolution of galaxies (high-redshifts and local universe), Active Galactic Nuclei (physics of broad-line regions; radiation-driven winds; hydromagnetic winds; stability of MHD plasma), and Formation of supermassive black hole seeds at high redshifts (gravitational collapse, radiation transfer, radiation and thermally-driven winds).

Selected Publications:

NASA Astrophysics Data System

  •  D.Bi, I.Shlosman, E.Romano-Diaz,  "Emergence of Galactic Morphologies at Cosmic Dawn," MNRAS, 513, 693 (2022)
  •  D.Bi., IShlosman, E.Romano-Diaz, "Modeling Evolution of Galactic Bars at Cosmic Dawn," ApJ, 934, 52 (2022)
  •  Y.Luo, I.Shlosman, K.Nagamine,  T.Fang, "Direct Collapse to Supermassive Black Hole Seeds: The Critical Conditions for Suppression of H2 Cooling," MNRAS, 492, 4917 (2020)
  •  A.Collier, I.Shlosman, C.Heller, "Dark Matter Bars in Spinning Halos," MNRAS, 488, 5788 (2019)
  • R.Sadoun, E.Romano-Diaz, I.Shlosman, Z.Zheng, "Ly α Properties of Simulated Galaxies in Overdence Regions: Effects of Galactic Winds at z > 6,"  MNRAS, 484, 4601 (2019)
  • K.Ardaneh, Y.Luo, I.Shlosman, K.Nagamine, J.H.Wise, M.C.Begelman, "Direct Collapse to Supermassive Black Hole Seeds with Radiation Transfer: Cosmological Halos," MNRAS, 479, 2277 (2018)