Isaac Shlosman

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Research Interests:

Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University (1986)


Theoretical Astrophysics


My research interests are in Theoretical Astrophysics. I work on three main issues: Galactic Dynamics (stability and evolution of disk galaxies; starburst galaxies; stability of rotating self-gravitating stellar and fluid systems), Active Galactic Nuclei (physics of broad-line regions; radiation-driven winds; hydromagnetic winds; stability of MHD plasma), Accretion Disks (stability of winds in active galactic nuclei and cataclysmic variables)

Selected Publications: 

NASA Astrophysics Data System

  • P. Englmaier and I. Shlosman, "Density Waves Inside Inner Lindblad Resonance: Nuclear Spirals in Disk Galaxies", Astrophys. J. 528, January 10 (2000).
  • A. Feldmeier and I. Shlosman, "Dynamics of Line-Driven Winds from Disks in Cataclysmic Variables. I. Solution Topology and Wind Geometry", Astrophys. J. 525, (1999).
  • I. Berentzen, C.H. Heller and I. Shlosman, "Gas-Driven Evolution of Stellar Orbits in Barred Galaxies", Montly Not. Royal Astron. Soc. 300, 49 (1998).
  • N. Arav, I. Shlosman and R. Weymann (Editors), Proceedings Astrophysics Workshop on "Mass Ejection from Active Galactic Nuclei", San-Francisco: Astron. Soc of Pacific Conf. Series (1997).
  • I. Shlosman, "Dynamics of Inner Galactic Disks", Proc. Centennial Nobel Symposium on "Barred Galaxies and Circumnuclear Activity", Aa. Sandqvist P.O. Lindblad, Eds. (Springer-Verlag), p. 141 (1996).