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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
TBA John Nichols
Topological Gravitational Response: Novel physics, principles and predictions Rudro Rana Biswas
Carbon Based Nano Electromechanics: Physics and Applications Sang Wook Lee
Detection of 5/2 phases Dr. Ankur Das -
Superfluid Helium Electromechanics Prof. John Davis -
TBA Dr. Allen Scheie -
Generalization of Bloch’s Theorem for Tight-binding Models: Quantum Dragon Nanomaterials and Nanodevices Prof. Mark Novotny -
Ultimate-density atomic semiconductor via flat phonon bands Prof. Jun Hee Lee -
Optical and transport properties of metals with nontrivial band geometry Prof. Dima Pesin -
Strong Coupling Theory of Magic-Angle Graphene Dr. Eslam Khalaf -
TBA Prof. Dima Pesin -
Photophysics of organic materials: from ancient pigments to high-performance organic semiconductors Oksana Ostroverkhova -
Coulomb Universe in a Jellium Droplet Prof. Eugene Kolomeisky -
Correlated and Topological Phases in flat bands of two-dimensional crystals Prof. Yafis Barlas -
Microscopics of Quantum Annealing in the Disordered Dipolar Ising Ferromagnet LiHoxY1-xF4 Professor Kate Ross -
Complex geometrical phases in quantum materials probed by transport Professor Hiro Nakamura -
Topological Magnons Dr. Paul McClarty -
Tuning Transport and Magnetism at Polar Oxide Interfaces Professor Divine Kumah -
Towards a universal measurement platform for calorimetric and thermal transport measurements at the combined extremes of high magnetic fields and sub-millikelvin temperatures Dr. Lucia Steinke -
Critical charge fluctuations and superconductivity in magnetic environments Professor Yashar Komijani -
Nanoscale Magnetometry Using Nitrogen Vacancies in Diamond Dr. Andrew Mounce -
Investigating real-world quantum spin liquid candidates Professor Sara Haravifard -
Nanoscale confinement towards a one-dimensional superfluid Professor Adrian Del Maestro -
Fission induced vortex lattice disordering in UPt3 Professor Morten Eskildsen -
Unbounded hydrodynamics in nodal-line semimetals Professor Bruno Uchoa