Calendar - Condensed Matter Seminar

Our condensed matter seminars are held on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in Blazer 339, unless otherwise noted below. A number of the department colloquium may also be of interest.

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Condensed Matter Seminar: Classifying fractionalization: symmetry classification of gapped Z2 spin liquids in two dimensions

Condensed Matter Seminar: Effect of an axial magnetic field on a nanotube

Static and Dynamic Magnetization Study of Artificial Magnetic Quasicrystals

Orbital and Spin Magnetism in the Spinel-vanadate, FeV2O4

“Molecules” in solids and novel states close to Mott transition.

Ground states of the effective spin-1/2 XY pyrochlores: "Quantum Spin Ice" and "Order By Disorder"

Dynamics of Electrons in Structured Graphene in a Magnetic Field

"Quantum phase transitions and disorder: Griffiths singularities, infinite randomness, and smearing"

Crystal growth and exotic magnetic transitions in rare earth orthoferrites RFeO3"

Nanoscale probing of electromechanical responses by scanning probe microscopy: from piezoresponse to electrochemical strain

Generating femtosecond second-harmonic pulses from ultrathin Archimedean nanospirals

A Multi-Probe STM Quest for Quantum Transport at 2D Materials Boundaries

Crystal growth and physical properties of Iron - based superconductors

In situ X-ray Studies of Functional Oxides for Energy Systems

Spin-Orbit Tuned Ground States in Single-Crystal Iridates

Condensed Matter Seminar: Universal Statistics of Records in Random Sequences

Condensed Matter Seminar: Mott Transitions of Correlated Fermions from SU(2) to SU(N)"

Condensed Matter Seminar: Quantum rotor in nanostructured superconductors

Condensed Matter Seminar: Why are we Interested in Low-Dimensional Complex-Oxide Heterostructures

Condensed Matter Seminar: Generating a Molecular Level Understanding of Organic Photovoltaics

Condensed Matter Seminar: Constraints on topological order in Mott insulators

Condensed Matter Seminar: Organic Single-Crystal Devices: Addressing Intrinsic Properties of Molecular Semiconductors

Condensed Matter Seminar: Artificial Solids by Design: Harnessing Electronic and Magnetic Properties in Complex Inorganic Solid/Hybrid Materials

Condensed Matter Seminar: Emerging magnetic and electronic properties in 3d-5d oxide heterostructures

Condensed Matter Seminar: Magnetic excitations in honeycomb and pyrochlore iridates with strong spin-orbit coupling and electron correlation

Supercurrent in the quantum Hall regime

Anomalous spin dynamics in triangular quantum magnets

Magnetic excitations in quasi-2D iridates under strain and high pressure

Controllable emergent 2D quantum antiferromagnetism in iridate-based heterostructures

Correlated states in graphene moire superlattices

Topology, quantum criticality, and duality

Organic Thermoelectrics and Perovskite Solar Cells: Insights from Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Negative thermal expansion and entropic elasticity in ScF3 type empty perovskites

From Molecules to Organic Semiconductors: The Challenges of Processing and Polymorphs from the Perspective of Modeling

Equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics of highly frustrated quantum magnets

Intertwined Dipolar and Quadrupolar Correlations in the Pyrochlore Tb2Ge2O7

a-RuCl3 as a 2d crystalline acceptor: modulation doping, pn junctions, and the pursuit of Veselago's lens

Magnetic order and spin excitations in two-dimensional honeycomb lattice van der Waals ferromagnetic CrI3

Exciton Drift from Quantum Geometry

Unbounded hydrodynamics in nodal-line semimetals

Fission induced vortex lattice disordering in UPt3

Nanoscale confinement towards a one-dimensional superfluid

Investigating real-world quantum spin liquid candidates

Nanoscale Magnetometry Using Nitrogen Vacancies in Diamond

Critical charge fluctuations and superconductivity in magnetic environments

Towards a universal measurement platform for calorimetric and thermal transport measurements at the combined extremes of high magnetic fields and sub-millikelvin temperatures

Tuning Transport and Magnetism at Polar Oxide Interfaces

Complex geometrical phases in quantum materials probed by transport

Microscopics of Quantum Annealing in the Disordered Dipolar Ising Ferromagnet LiHoxY1-xF4

Correlated and Topological Phases in flat bands of two-dimensional crystals

Coulomb Universe in a Jellium Droplet

Photophysics of organic materials: from ancient pigments to high-performance organic semiconductors

Strong Coupling Theory of Magic-Angle Graphene

Optical and transport properties of metals with nontrivial band geometry

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