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Congratulations to Students who earned Ph.D. degrees in the 2022-2023 Academic Year


Nikhil Ajgaonkar (Yan) – “Constraining the Star Formation Histories of Galaxies in the Swift/UVOT+MaNGA (SwiM) Value-added Catalog.” Now a PTD Module and Integration Yield Engineer at Intel (Oregon).

Mojtaba Behzadipour (Plaster) – “Simulation and Data Analysis of nEDM@SNS Experiment in Presence of Time-Varying Magnetic Field.” Now a Postdoc at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jared S Brewington (Plaster) – “Design of the B0 and Spin-Transport Magnetic Field Coils for the Los Alamos National Lab Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment.” Now a Senior Electromagnetics Engineer, Resonant Link (Vermont, but working remotely in Greensboro, NC).

Abel Manuel Lorente Campos (Plaster) – “Beam Dynamics Simulations and Systematic Studies for the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab.” Now a Medical Physics Postdoc at The University of Chicago.

Ritwika Chakraborty (Gorringe) – “Energy Integrating Ratio Analysis of Precession Frequency Data in Fermilab Muon g-2 Experiment.” Now a Postdoc at PSI (Switzerland).

Umit Hasan Coskun (Plaster) – “Cryogenic Magnetic Field Monitor System in the SNS Neutron EDM Experiment.” Now a Yield Data Scientist, Intel (Oregon). 

Danula Godagama (Kovash) – “Elastic and Inelastic Compton Scattering from Deuterium at 61 MeV.” Now a Postdoc at Duke University.

Fang Han (Gorringe) – “An Analysis Based on the Integrated Energy of the E989 Experiment Run-1 Data.” Now a Postdoc at University at Buffalo.

Ashish Kakkar (Dymarsky) – “Thermalization, Quantum Information and Conformal Field Theory.” Now a Senior Scientist at Q CTRL (California).

Daniel Lazarz (Yan) – “SDSS-IV MaStar: Stellar Parameter Determination With Continuum-Supplemented Full-Spectrum Fitting.”

David Mathews (Crawford) – “High Performance Data Acquisition and Analysis Routines for the Nab Experiment.” Now a Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Piya Amara Palamure (Plaster) – “A Design of Primary Holding Magnet for the LANL Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment.”

Ahmad Saftah (Crawford) – “Enhancements to Uniformity of Magnetic Fields at SNS nEDM Experiment.” Now an Assistant Professor at Taif University (Saudi Arabia).

Arnab Sarkar (Su) – “Understanding the Physics of Galaxy Clusters out to their Virial Radii and Beyond.” Now a Postdoc at MIT.

Ashok Timsina (Korsch) – “Measurements of the Binding Energies of Ions on Plastic Surfaces in Liquid Nitrogen.” Now a Process Development Engineer at Texas International.