Tim Gorringe

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  • Professor
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Nuclear Physics
CP273, CP263 (Lab)
859-257-8740, 859-257-5565 (Lab)
Research Interests:

BSc, Physics, University of Birmingham, (1981).
Ph.D., Nuclear Physics, University of Birmingham (1985)


My  research is focused on studies of basic symmetries, fundamental constants and elementary interactions via  precision measurements.




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at PHY211 (General Physics I), PHY213 (General Physics II), PHY228 (Thermo, Optics, Relativity), PHY231 (General Physics I),  PHY232 (General Physics II),  PHY361 (Modern Physics), PHY404 (Classical Mechanics), PHY416 (Electromagnetism I), PHY417 (Electromagnetism II), PHY520 (Quantum Mechanics), PHY535 (Advanced Laboratory), PHY555 (Nuclear Physics), PHY556 (Particle Physics).