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Yuanyuan Su

Research Interests:
Research Insterests

My research focuses on clusters of galaxies, the largest collapsed objects in the Universe, using X-ray space telescopes (Chandra, XMM-Newton, Suzaku). I am best known for providing observational constraints on the microphysical properties of the intracluster medium and connecting it with the large scale evolution of galaxy clusters. I also study AGN feedback at centers of clusters and early-type galaxies using X-ray, radio, and EUV observations. I am interested in using machine learning techniques to extract information in the observational data that is inaccessible by conventional methods. My research has been supported by NSF, NASA, SAO, and NRAO.  


Ph. D., University of Alabama (2013)

Postdoc Fellow, University of California Irvine (2013-2015)

Postdoc Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (2015-2018)

Courses taught

PHY600:  Machine Learning And Data Science In Physics And Astronomy 

AST191: The Solar Sysem 

AST192: Stars, Galaxies And The Universe

Research Group


Valeria Olivares  2020 -- present 

Graduate Students:

Arnab Sarkar 2019 -- 2022, now postdoc at MIT

Sheng-Chieh Lin 2020 -- present, McAdam fellow 

Ryan Martinez-Eskenasy  2021 -- present 

Selected Publications:

Su, Y., Zhang, Y., Liang, G., ZuHone, J. A., Barnes, D. J., Jacobs, N. B., Ntampaka, M, Forman, W. R., Nulsen, P. E. J., Kraft, R. P., Jones, C  2020, MNRAS, 498, 4, ``A Deep Learning Approach to the Census of Galaxy Clusters"  

Su, Y., Kimura, T., Kraft, R. P., Nulsen, P. E. J., Gralla, M., Forman, W. R., Murakami, G., Yamazaki, A., Yoshikawa, I.  2019, ApJ, 881, 2 ``The First Astrophysical Result of Hisaki: A Search for the EUV He Lines in a Massive Cool Core Cluster at z = 0.7" 

Su, Y., Kraft, R. P., Nulsen, P. E. J., Jones, C., Maccarone, T. J., Mernier, F., Lovisari, L., Randall, S. W., Sheardown, A., Roediger, E., Fish, T. M., Forman, W. R., Churazov, E. 2019, AJ, 158, 6 ``Extended X-ray study of M49: the frontier of the Virgo Cluster" 

Su, Y., Kraft, R. P., Fish, T. et al. arXiv:1904.06739  Astro2020: Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics, science white papers, no. 476; Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 51, Issue 3, id. 476 (2019) ``A Unification of the Micro and Macro Physics in the Intracluster Medium of Nearby Clusters" 

Su, Y., Nulsen, P. E. J., Kraft, R., Jones, C., Forman, W., Roediger, E., Irwin, J., ZuHone, J., Randall, S., and Sheardown, A. 2017, ApJ, 851, 69 ``Gas sloshing record and regulate the evolution of galaxy clusters" 

Su, Y., Nulsen, P. E. J., Kraft, R., Forman, W., Jones, C., Irwin, J., Randall, S., and Churazov, E. 2017, ApJ, 847, 49 ``Buoyant AGN bubbles in the quasi-isothermal potential of NGC 1399"

Su, Y., Kraft, R. P., Roediger, E., Nulsen, P. E. J., Forman, W. R., Churazov, E., Randall, S. W., Jones, C., and Machacek, M. E. 2017, ApJ, 834, 74 ``Deep Chandra observations of NGC 1404: cluster plasma physics revealed by an infalling early-type galaxy"

Su, Y., Kraft, R., Nulsen, P. E. J., Roediger, E., Forman, W. R., Churazov, E., Randall, S. W., Jones, C., and Machacek, M. E. 2017, ApJ, 835, 19 ``Capturing the 3D Motion of an Infalling Galaxy via Fluid Dynamics" 

Su, Y., Buote, D., Gastaldello, F., and van Weeren R. 2016, ApJ, 821, 40 ``Chandra Observation of Abell~1142: a Cool-Core Cluster Lacking a Central Brightest Cluster Galaxy"

Su, Y., Buote, D., Gastaldello, F., and Brighenti, F. 2015, ApJ, 805, 104 ``The Entire Virial Radius of the Fossil Cluster RXJ1159+5531: I. Gas Properties"

Su, Y., Irwin, J., White, R., and Cooper, M. 2015, ApJ, 806, 156 ``The Scatter in the Hot Gas Content of Early-Type Galaxies"

Su, Y., Gu, L., White, R., and Irwin, J. 2014, ApJ, 786, 152 ``Joint XMM-Newton and Chandra Observations of the NGC1407/1400 Complex: a Tail of an Early-Type Galaxy and a Tale of a Nearby Merging Group"

Su, Y., White, R., and Miller, E. 2013, ApJ, 775, 89 ``Suzaku Observations to the Virial Radius of Fossil Group ESO3060170"

Su, Y. and Irwin J. 2013, ApJ, 766, 61 ``Investigating the Potential Dilution of the Metal Content of Hot Gas in Early-Type Galaxies by Accreted Cold Gas"