Calendar - P&A Colloquium

Colloquium: From Voids to Clusters: Gas and Galaxy Evolution in the Local Universe

Colloquium: Searching for a WIMP signal in the gamma-ray sky

Physics Colloquium: Gravity, Magnetic Fields, and Star Formation

Physics Colloquium: Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment

Physics Colloquium: Material Phase Diagram Chips and Applications

Physics Colloquium: Mapping the Chemistry of the Galaxy with SDSS/APOGEE

Colloquium: Photoluminescence Spectra of Emeralds from Different Origins

Colloquium: Blue Skies, Rainbows, and Neutrons

Colloquium: Quantum Quenches: a probe of non-equilibrium many-body physics

Colloquium: Star Formation In All the Wrong Places, and Other Astronomical Puzzles, Revealed By the SOFIA Observatory

Colloquium: LHCb: Results, Prospects and Pentaquarks?

Colloquium: The Materiality of Vacuum

Colloquium: Storing Energy, The Unsolved Problem

Colloquium: Picosecond Spin Caloritronics

Colloquium: Tuning Dimensions of Strongly-Correlated Materials: How Kentucky Inspired Me

Colloquium: Evidence for a fifth force from Beryllium-8 transitions

Colloquium: Weighing Beyond the Standard Model Physics with Neutrinos

Colloquium: Explosive Outflows from Massive Protostars: Orion BN/KL and other Transients

Colloquium: Heating Up Quantum Mechanics


Colloquium: DUNE: The Hot Program in the Cold Detector

Chamblin Colloquium: String Theory and Strong Interactions

Colloquium: Carbon in the Early Universe and Observational Constraints on First Star Nucleosynthesis

Colloquium: Narrow LHCb Pentaquarks: Experiment and Theory

Colloquium: Is Baseball Scoring Just a Random Walk?

Colloquium: Where do the proton mass and spin come from?

Colloquium: Nobel Prize 2016: Topology in Condensed Matter Physics

Colloquium: Digital Unwrapping: Homer, Herculaneum, and the Scroll from En-Gedi

Colloquium: Ultra-High efficiency phased arrays for Astronomy, Remote Sensing and Satellite Communications

Colloquium: Investigating Nanostructure Synthesis Using In Situ TEM

Colloquium: Investigating Nanostructure Synthesis using in situ TEM

Colloquium: The Discrete Character of Physical Law: From String Theory to the CMB

Colloquium: Is Basketball Scoring Just a Random Walk?

Colloquium: Dark Matter and the Search for a Fifth Force

Colloquium: Where the Weyl Things Are

New Results and Future Prospects in Fundamental Symmetry Tests with Neutrons

On the Trail of the Purest Dark Matter Halos

Light from Darkness? Searching for Dark Matter in the Sky

Colloquium: The Puzzle of Low Ionization Gas Emission in Galaxies

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