Physics and Astronomy Learning Center

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  • University Research Professor (2013-14)
  • Physics & Astronomy
CP277, CP061 (Lab), CP263 (Nuclear Lab)
859-257-4083, 859-257-6706 (Lab), 859-257-5565 (Nuclear Lab)

Welcome to the Physics & Astronomy Learning Center (PALC). We are located at CP 133 in the Chemistry-Physics building. The PALC is a student-support group that provides a physics learning community for undergraduate students in Physics and Astronomy.

The PALC  will be opened on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. We will close for the Spring semester on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Closed on January 16 – Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday - Academic Holiday

Closed on March 13 -18 – Spring Vacation - Academic Holidays



Monday – Thursday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Friday Closed.



Dr. Maxwell Ankrah - Manager/Support staff

Dr. Max Brown – Support staff 

Physics and Astronomy Teaching Assistants.


Please send all comments and questions about the Physics Learning Center to You can also stop by my office. I would be happy to speak with you! I am located at CP-135 next to the Physics Learning Center



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  Animik Ghosh Cory Smith Animik Ghosh Michelle Gervais
9-10 AM Maryam Shahi Ritwika Chakraborty Maryam Shahi Danula Godagama
  Piya Amara Plamure      
  Mojtaba Behzadipour Samir Donmazov Samir Donmazov Xuguang Ai
10-11 AM Murchhana Roy Ritwika Chakraborty Qing Chen Laura Kelton
  Piya Amara Plamure      
  Mojtaba Behzadipour Alina Aleksandrova Stacy Long Alina Aleksandrova
11-12 PM Eric Teipel Ashkan Abtahi Lakshya Malhotra Laura Kelton
  Abel Lorente Campos   Abel Lorente Campos  
  Subash Nepal Subash Nepal Ashish Kakkar  
  Murchhana Roy Milad Vazirian Si-Nong Liu Mike Weaver
12-1 PM Si-Nong Liu Ashkan Abtahi Ankur Das Fatih Balli
  Xuguang Ai Ryan Dadsiman Austin Hinkel Michelle Gervais
1-2 PM Corey Smith Danula Godagama Lakshya Malhotra Fatih Balli
    Amber Moore Ankur Das  
  Jacob Hempel Ryan Dadsiman Yulong Yao Gen Wang
2-3 PM Amrit Kaphle Amber Moore Jacob Hempel Da Bi
    Dan Lazarz    
  Stacy Long Jared Brewington    
  Xingchen Li Amartya Saha Yulong Yao Gen Wang
3-4 PM Evan Shirley Joseph Bates   Da Bi
  Xingchen Li Jared Brewington Brian Kim Qing Chen
4-5 PM Evan Shirley Amartya Saha   Dan Lazarz
    Joseph Bates    


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