Murchhana Roy

MRO292's picture
  • PhD Candidate
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Physics & Astronomy
CP 61 (Lab)
(859) 257-3942
Research Interests:
I am a PhD student of nuclear physics having over 5 years of graduate research experience.
I am currently working on two ongoing experiments (E12-06-110 and E12-06-121) in Jefferson Lab Hall C that will measure neutron spin asymmetry A1n and spin structure functions g1n and g2n. The experiments focus on using the deep inelastic scattering of 12 GeV electron beam on neutron to explore the spin structure of the nucleon. The behavior of valence quarks in the deep inelastic scattering region will be studied from the experimental results and further insights in the quark-gluon correlations will be obtained by measuring g2. The polarized 3He cells are the effective neutron target in both the experiments. I have gained a lot of experience in the polarized target and several polarimetries like NMR, EPR while working as a part of the polarized 3He target group. As a part of the experiment, I have developed an air floated compass that can measure the direction of the target polarization with a precision of 0.1°. Additionally, I am working on Moller polarimetry to measure electron beam polarization periodically during the experiments.
I also worked  on an experiment to study magnetically induced Faraday rotation by polarized 3He atoms that offers a novel method to probe limits on the possible magnetic moment of asymmetric dark matter. While working on this, I developed a novel setup to reduce laser phase noise using an interferometer and a feedback system that stabilizes the interferometer phase by eliminating phase drift with time.
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