Nanoscale Magnetometry Using Nitrogen Vacancies in Diamond

03/02/2021 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s): 
Dr. Andrew Mounce

Dr. Andrew Mounce

Center For Integrated Nanotechnologies

Sandia National Laboratory

Host: Gannon

Title:  Nanoscale Magnetometry Using Nitrogen Vacancies in Diamond

Abstract: The properties that make nitrogen vacancies in diamond (NVs) good qubits, for example long coherence times at room temperature, also make them excellent sensors for magnetic fields. In this presentation, I will discuss the properties of nitrogen vacancies and how to utilize them for magnetometry of devices and materials with DC magnetic fields and fluctuating fields up to GHz frequencies. To be useful as sensors, NVs must be activated close to the surface of diamond but near the surface nitrogen has a low probability of incorporating with a vacancy to create a magnetically sensitive NV defect. With this in mind, I will present our efforts toward improving NV activation yield to optimize sensitivity.  Finally, I will discuss our recent results as examples of the utility of using nitrogen vacancies for wide-field magnetic imaging for applied physics problems and NV detected nuclear magnetic resonance toward fundamental physics problems.

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