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Superfluid Helium Electromechanics

Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Prof. John Davis

Professor John Davis

Associate Professor

University of Alberta

Department of Physics


Title:  Superfluid Helium Electromechanics

Abstract: Liquid helium posses many properties that make it an attractive medium for studies of mechanical systems in the quantum regime, such as low mechanical and dielectric losses.  The flip side of this is to imagine using optomechanics or electromechanics to revisit the novel physics of superfluid helium, including bosonic helium-4 and fermionic helium-3.  In particular, when spatially restricted in one dimension, helium superfluids are expected to demonstrate quasi-two dimensional behavior with qualitatively different physics than in three dimensions.  By using nanofabrication techniques to both confine the helium and provide an electromechanical detection scheme, we are beginning the journey of studying such two-dimensional superfluids.