Strange and Charm Parton Distribution Function (PDF) from Lattice QCD

12/13/2021 - 2:00pm
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s): 
Rui Zhang (Michigan State U.)
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We present the first lattice-QCD calculation of the unpolarized strange and charm parton distribution functions using large-momentum effective theory (LaMET). We use a lattice ensemble with 2+1+1 flavors of highly improved staggered quarks (HISQ) generated by MILC collaboration, with lattice spacing a ≈ 0.12 fm and Mπ ≈ 310 MeV, and clover valence fermions with two valence pion masses: 310 and 690 MeV. We use momentum-smeared sources to improve the signal up to nucleon boost momentum Pz = 2.18 GeV,  and determine nonperturbative renormalization factors in RI/MOM scheme. We compare our lattice results with the matrix elements obtained from matching the PDFs from CT18NNLO and NNPDF3.1NNLO global fits. Our data support the assumptions of strange-antistrange and charm-anticharm symmetry that are commonly used in global PDF fits.
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