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Date Time & Place Speaker Title
Mar 8, 2018 7 PM CP-155 Amber Moore A Journey to Orion
Feb 8, 2018 7 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer 25 Greatest Astronomical Images
Jan 11, 2018 7 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Clocks and Calendars
Dec 14,2017 7 PM CP-155 Dr. Gary Ferland The Star of Bethlehem
Nov 9, 2017 7 PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland Artwork from the Heaven
Oct 12, 2017 7 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Sputnik to SpaceX
Sep 14, 2017 8 PM CP-155 Angela Collier The Littlest Stars
Aug 10, 2017 8 PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland The August 21 Total Solar Eclipse - Don't You Dare Miss It!
July 13, 2017 8 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer The “WOW!” Signal, 40 Years On
June 8, 2017 8 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Powers of Ten
Apr 13, 2017 8 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer

Dark Clouds Don’t Always Mean Stormy Weather

Mar 9, 2017 7 PM CP-155

Dr. Tom Troland

Life in the Solar System - Where Else Besides Earth?

Feb 9, 2017 7PM CP-155 Angela Coller

Pandora’s Cluster: Abell 2744

Jan 12,2017 7PM CP-155 Tim Knauer

Keep Looking Up: The Heavenward Herschels

Dec 8, 2016 7PM CP-155 Dr, Gary Ferland The Star of Bethlehem
Nov 10, 2016 7PM CP-155 Dr. Ron Wilhelm What Causes Gullies on Mars?
Oct 13, 2016 7PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland A Tribute to Cassini at Saturn
Sept 8, 2016 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer

Rosetta at Comet 67/P: Thereby Hangs a Tail 

Aug 11, 2016 ---------------  No SkyTalk this date.  
July 14, 2016 8PM CP-155 Gemunu Ekanayake The Heart of the Milky Way
June 9, 2016 8PM CP-155 Angela Collier The Search for Planet X
May 12, 2016 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer

Fundamental Astronomy:Where is That Star in the Sky? (And will it stay there?)

April 14, 2016 8PM CP-155 Dr. Pamela Marcum Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy
Mar 10, 2016 7PM CP-155 Dr. Ron Wilhelm Surfing in the Dark: The First Detection of Gravitational Wave
Feb 11, 2016 7PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland Pluto and the Outer Solar System Revealed
Jan 14, 2016 7PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Fundamental Astronomy: How Bright is that Star?
Dec 10, 2015 7PM CP-155 Dr. Gary Ferland The Star of Bethlehem
Nov 12, 2015 7PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland Lunar Visions
Oct 8, 2015 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Clouds: Bane, Boon, and Boom
Sep 10, 2015 8PM CP-139 Dr. Robert O'Dell

Traveling Through the Orion Nebula

Aug 13, 2015 8PM CP-155 Angela Collier Galactic Navigation and Mapping
July 9, 2015 8PM CP-155 Stacy Long Journey to Pluto
June 11, 2015 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Preview the Summer Spectacular
May 14,2015 8PM CP-155 Dr. Kyle McCarthy The Hubble Tuning Fork: Harmonizing The Galaxies
Apr 9, 2015 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer A Blast from the Past: Tambora at 200 Years (Exactly)
Mar 12, 2015 8PM CP-155 Dr. Ron Wilhelm The First Stars in the Universe
Feb 12, 2015 7PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Kristian Birkeland and the Northern Lights
Jan 8, 2015 7PM CP-155 Tim Knauer A History of Gravity: An Attractive Theory for 300 Years

Dec 11, 2014

7PM CP-155 Dr. Renbin Yan The Enterprise of Mapping the Structure of the Universe

Nov 13, 2014

7PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Rosetta: Landing on a Comet
Oct 9, 2014 8PM CP-155 Dr. Isaac Shlosman

The Current Status of Space Travel: Science versus Fiction

Sept 11, 2014 8PM CP-155 Dr. Thomas Troland When Galaxies Collide
Aug 14, 2014 8PM CP-155 Kyle McCarthy The Inception of the Solar System
July 10, 2014 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer To the Universe: Just How Old Are You, Anyway?
June 12, 2014 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Saturn: From Cassini to Cassini
Night of May 23-24 2-4 AM EDT ? Possible New Meteor Shower - NASA Video Link to the right
May 8, 2014 8:00 PM CP-220 Dr. Ron Wilhelm Stars that pulsate and what they teach us about the universe.
April 10, 2014 8:00 PM CP-139 Tim Knauer The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man Made Missions
March 13, 2014 8:00 PM CP-139 Dr. Thomas Troland A Trip to Mars
February 13, 2014 7:00 PM CP-139 Dr. Joseph Straley The Science of Climate Change
January 9, 2014 7:00 PM CP-155 Rick Schrantz

Amateur Planetary Imaging Over the Years

December 12, 2013

7:00 PM CP-155

Dr. Gary Ferland The Star of Bethlehem
November 14, 2013

7:00 PM CP-155

Tim Knauer Comet ISON and the Sungrazers
October 10, 2013 7:00 PM CP-155 Dr. Ron Wilhelm How old are Surface Features on the Planets and Moons?
September 12, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Dr. Thomas Troland The sky at many wavelengths
August 8, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Aaron Morris Dwarf Planets: Stellar Pets
July 11, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Gururaj Wagle The Midlife Crisis
June 13, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Kyle McCarthy Stellar Daycare
May 9, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Dr. Dale Kocevski Black Holes through Cosmic Time
April 11, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland

Where we live in the universe

March 14, 2013 8:00 PM CP-155 Dr. Renbin Yan The Universe in Rainbow Colors and Beyond
February 14, 2013 7:00 PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Inquisitive About Quasars
January 10, 2013 7:00 PM CP-155 Dr. Ron Wilhelm What Ancient Stars Tell Us about the Universe
December 13, 2012 7:15PM CP-155 Dr. Gary Ferland The Star of Bethlehem
November 8, 2012 7PM CP-155 Tim Knauer The Real Big Bang Theory
October 11, 2012 7PM CP-155 Dr. Tom Troland

Why We Don't Need Humans in Space:

A Robotic Tour of the Solar System

September 13, 2012 8PM CP-155 Tim Knauer Inquisitive About Quasars
August 9, 2012 8PM CP-155 Gururaj Wagle Eclipses: Superstition to Fascination
July 12, 2012 8PM CP-155 Furea Kiuchi

Exploring the Solar System with Robots

June 14, 2012 8PM CP-155 Aaron Morris Denizens of the Galactic Zoo
June 5, 2012 6PM-8:40PM SPECIAL EVENT Weather permitting, join us at The Arboretum to safely view the last Transit of Venus in you and your children's lifetimes.
May 31, 2012

7:30 PM CP-155

Tim Knauer Standing in the Shadow of Venus
May 10, 2012 8PM CP-155 Kyle McCarthy Finding Alien Planets Around Nearby Stars!
Apr 12, 2012

8PM CP-155

Dr. Robert O'Dell Building the Hubble Space Telescope
Mar 8, 2012 7PM CP-155 Dr. Gary Ferland The Mars they saw, and the Mars that really is.
Feb 9, 2012 7PM CP-155 Dr. Thomas Troland

The Andromeda Galaxy - The most distant object you can see with your naked eye, but it's getting closer all the time!

Jan 12, 2012 7PM CP-155 Dr. Ron Wilhelm How Einstein's Relativity Changed Our Cosmic Perspective
Dec 8, 2011 7PM CP-155 Dr. Susan Gardner Illuminating the Dark Sector of the Universe
Nov 10, 2011 7PM CP155 Dr. Brad Plaster Why is there more matter than anti-matter in the Universe?
Oct 13, 2011 8PM - CP155 Dr. Moshe Elitzur

How do we know the age of the Universe?

Sep 8, 2011 8PM - CP155 Tim Knauer Astronomy from the Big City
Aug 11, 2011 8PM - CP155 Furea Kiuchi Black Holes: No Escape Even at the Speed of Light
July 14, 2011 8PM - CP155  Tim Knauer Killer Asteroids and Comets: Ignorance is Bliss
June 9, 2011 8PM - CP155  Aaron Morris  Pulsars: The Galaxy's Lighthouses
May 12, 2011 8PM - CP155  Kristen Thompson Our Solar System's Shining Star - The Sun
Apr 14, 2011 8PM - CP155  Dr. Richard Gray Exploring the Personalities of Stars through their Spectra
 Mar 10, 2011 7PM Dr. Gary Ferland The Man in the Moon
Feb 10, 2011 7PM  Dr. Tom Troland  A Voyage to Orion
Jan 13, 2011 7PM  Dr. Joe Straley Is the Earth Getting Warmer?
Dec 9, 2010 7PM CP155 Dr. Jennifer Birriel Life in the Universe
Nov 10, 2010 7PM Dr. Thomas Pannuti Supernovae: Things That Go *BOOM!* in the Night
Oct 14, 2010 7PM Dr. Marco Ciocca Telescopes, Planets and Stars, oh my...What can be seen and what is needed.
Sep 9, 2010 8PM Tim Knauer Our Universe in 3-d
Aug 12, 2010 8PM Tim Knauer The Perseid Meteor Shower: See and Hear Pieces of Comet Swift-Tuttle
Jul 8, 2010 8PM  Dr. Ron Wilhelm Size in the Universe: What Are You Really Seeing?  
Jun 10, 2010 8PM Tim Knauer Exploding Stars: the biggest bangs since the first one.
May 13, 2010 8PM Dr. Brad Canon  Where are they? Hypotheses about why intelligent life in the Galaxy hasn't contacted us. 
Apr 8, 2010 8PM  Jake Gamsky  Students for the Exploration and Development of Space 
Mar 11, 2010 7PM  Dr. Raymond LeBeau  A Galaxy of Giant Planets 
Feb 11, 2010 7PM  Brandon Hargis  The Hubble Space Telescope: Scientific Breakthroughs and Breathtaking Images 
Jan 14, 2010 7PM  Dr. John Yopp Astrobiology: What Earth's Extreme Life Forms Tell Us about the Possibilities of Life on Other Planets 
Dec 10, 2009 7PM Anna Quider  The Dusty Universe 
Nov 12, 2009 7PM  Bill Brockman Elements of Digital Astrophotography 
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