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Emission lines and their analysis

The Cloudy Project

I began developing Cloudy at the Institute of AstronomyCambridge, in August 1978.  It is named after the famed East Anglian weather.  Some links:

  • Information about Cloudy
  •, the project website, where you can download the source, data, and documentation
  • Cloudy Workshops, where participants can learn about spectroscopy and Cloudy.  The workshop began a world tour in Lexington in 2012, visited Belfast (NI), Durham (UK), Leiden (Netherlands), Warsaw (Poland), Pune (India), Shangdong (China), and ended in July of 2017 in Tonantzintla (Mexico).  A world tour map is here.  Later workshops have been held in Belfast (NI), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Lexington, and Cambridge. 
  • An article UK PR did on the Cloudy project in late 2018
  • The NASA ADS list of the major review articles on Cloudy.

Textbooks and reviews

  • Astrophysics of Gaseous Nebulae, Osterbrock & Ferland, AGN3