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Coulomb Universe in a Jellium Droplet

Blazer 339
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Prof. Eugene Kolomeisky

Special Joint Semiar with Astronomy

Eugene Kolomeisky

Associate Professor of Physics

University of Virginia

Title: Coulomb Universe in a Jellium Droplet

Abstract: Analogy between the Coulomb law of interaction between charges and the Newton law of gravitational attraction between masses is familiar to every physics student.  In this talk I demonstrate that this analogy implies that a system of identical charges can evolve with time in a manner that parallels cosmological evolution of the physical Universe with hallmarks such as Hubble's law and Friedmann-type dynamics present.  The Coulomb and Newton laws are also dissimilar because the electrostatic force is many orders of magnitude larger than the gravitational force whose manifestations are only noticeable on astronomical scale.  On the other hand, analog cosmological evolutions driven by Coulomb interactions are predicted to be observable in laboratory experiments involving Coulomb explosions and electron density oscillations in conductors.