Classification of Unitary RCFTs with Two Primaries and c < 25

10/03/2022 - 2:00pm
CP 303
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Sunil Mukhi (IISER, Pune & IAS, Princeton)
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I will present a classification of all unitary, rational conformal field theories with two primaries, central charge c < 25, and arbitrary Wronskian index. These are shown to be either certain level-1 WZW models or cosets of meromorphic theories by such models. By leveraging the existing classification of  meromorphic CFTs of central charge c ≤ 24, all the relevant cosets are enumerated and their characters computed. This leads to 123 theories, most of which are new. It will be emphasised that this is a classification of RCFTs and not just consistent characters. Work in collaboration with Brandon Rayhaun.

This is a joint Theory/String seminar.