Astronomy 191/192

To AST191 and 192 Students:

17-Oct-2018: The observatory will open tonight at 8 PM and remain open until either we run out of students or it becomes cloudy. Dress warmly.

The observatory will open one more evening for AST191/192 students this fall. The weather forecasts for Wednesday 10/17 or Thur 10/18 are promising. The decision for Wed will be made at 7:30 PM on Wednesday and will be posted here. We will begin at the observatory at 8:00 PM and will continue until there are no more students. It will be cold and you should dress for winter.  Occupancy in the observatory is limited to 25 students at a time.

Instructions to AST191 and 192 students.pdfor Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 semesters (Last Modified 2018-08-22).

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day:  A visually stunning page with a cogent paragraph explaining the daily image.  Their archives go back to June, 1995.
  • SpaceWeather: Updated every day, the site covers the Sun, the Solar Wind, Aurora Borealis, Noctilucent Clouds, and information of bright satellite passes over your location. (See Satellite Flybys in the panel on the right.)
  • Is it going to be clear or cloudy tonight? See Attilla Danko's page for your area. In Lexington, KY,  we use this Clear Sky Chart. Read the top line of the chart, white is cloudy and dark blue predicts clear skies.
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