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Astro Seminar

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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Dr. Sergio Silich (INAOE, Mexico)

Molecular gas properties in young stellar clusters with a suppressed star cluster wind

In extremely compact and dense star-forming clouds a global star cluster wind could be suppressed. In this case the stellar feedback is unable to expel the leftover gas from the cluster. Young massive stars remain embedded into a dense residual gas and stir it moving in the gravitational well of the system. I shall present a self-consistent model for the molecular gas distribution in such young, enshrouded stellar clusters. It is assumed that the cloud collapse has been terminated and the star formation ceased when a balance between the turbulent pressure and gravity and between the turbulent energy dissipation and regeneration rates has been established. These conditions result in an equation that determines the residual gas density distribution that, in turn, allows one to obtain other characteristics of the leftover gas and the star formation efficiency. Finally, I shall confront this model with D1 molecular cloud and its embedded cluster in the dwarf spheroidal galaxy NGC 5253.

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