09/23/14 Condensed Matter Seminar: Mott Transitions of Correlated Fermions from SU(2) to SU(N)" The encoding of SU(N) symmetric spin degrees of freedom in ultra-cold atom... @ CP179
Thomas Lang (Boston University)
09/25/14 Nuclear Seminar: Study of halo nuclei and halo states at the TRIUMF ISAC facilities @ CP179
Dr. Fred Sazarian (Colorado School of Mines)
09/25/14 Astro Seminar: Compact Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes Super-massive black holes reside at the center of galaxies. And the masses of... @ CP179
Remco van den Bosch (MPIA)
09/26/14 Colloquium: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory The cosmic ray spectrum spans many orders of magnitude in energy. At the very... @ CP155
Fred Sarazin (Colorado School of Mines)
02/26/15 2015 van Winter Memorial Lecture  ... @ TBA
Professor Ingrid Daubechies, Duke University
08|22|14 - Upward Curve: UK's Physics and Astronomy Faculty -

UK Physicist Sumit Das discusses the unprecedented 70 percent acceptance rate of the department’s top-choice graduate students this spring — 16 of the 22 students accepted will enroll in the fall.

08|22|14 - Rotation Fascination: Keh-Fei Liu -

After being awarded a highly-competitive grant to perform Advanced Scientific Computer Research, UK physics professor Keh-Fei Liu and his collaborators hope to resolve what has been dubbed the Proton Spin Crisis.

08|07|14 - Traveling Light: Gary Ferland -

Research at the University of Kentucky expands well beyond campus, and thanks to Physics & Astronomy professor Gary Ferland we have to measure the distance in light years instead of miles.

07|21|14 - Portion of Rose Street Closing for Science Building Construction -

A portion of Rose Street closes today in connection with construction of the new $112 million Academic Science Building.

07|08|14 - Nine Incoming Honors Students Named Lewis Scholars -

Nine incoming freshmen, including students planning to studying chemistry, physics, and political science, have been selected to receive the T.W. Lewis Scholarship.

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