PHY 231 Section C

Dear Students, welcome to PHY231. My name is Ganpathy Murthy and I
will be your instructor. Very shortly I will post the syllabus and
schedule for this course on this page, as well as on my page

However, a couple of points of advance information might be useful. I
am pretty old-fashioned and I will be using the whiteboards in
CP155. Also, since there are only about 60 of you (Sections 13 and
14), I will not use clickers. So PLEASE DO NOT BUY CLICKERS
SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS CLASS. I will also be using WebAssign for the
homework, but will make the recitation quizzes and exams myself. Finally, in
order to keep you engaged and to see whether what I say makes sense to
you, I will occasionally ask questions of random students in the
class. You may find it a bit startling and disconcerting initially,
but hopefully you will get used to it soon.

My room is CP295, and my email is Please come by to
see me of send me an email if you have any questions. See you all next week.

Ganpathy Murthy.


PHY 231 Section C Syllabus

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