Ribhu Kaul

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  • Professor
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Condensed Matter Physics (Theory)
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL375
859-257-1697, 859-323-2846 (Fax)
Research Interests:

My research focuses on the consequences of quantum mechanics on systems of infinite particles. Many-body quantum physics forms the basis of our understanding of the properties of a growing number of complex materials that are being synthesized in laboratories all over the world. The enormous number of electrons in these artificial materials find themselves in an extreme environment in which they lose their individual character acquiring a collective identity that is governed by the fascinating laws of quantum mechanics. While a theoretical description of our material world is of fundamental interest in our comprehension of nature, predictive powers over such materials are also crucial in the search for the building blocks of future technologies.

I work in the fields of condensed matter theory and computational physics. Although I am a theorist, I have a serious interest in interpreting and predicting the outcome of experiments carried out in a number of research groups worldwide.


Complete list of publications: http://arxiv.org/find/cond-mat/1/au:+kaul_r_k/0/1/0/all/0/1

Kaul research group webpage: http://www.pa.uky.edu/~rkk/

Condensed matter research group at UKy: http://www.pa.uky.edu/condmat/


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