Moshe Elitzur

moshe's picture
  • Emeritus Professor
  • Physics & Astronomy
Research Interests:

B.S., Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (1964) M.S., Physics, Weizman Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (1966) Ph.D., Elementary Particles, Weizman Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (1971)


Theoretical astrophysics: studies of astronomical masers, infrared dust emission with special emphasis on young stellar objects and winds around evolved stars.

Graduate Students

  • Maia Nenkova
  • Dejan Vinkovic
Selected Publications: 

NASA Astrophysics Data System

  • V. Zubko and M. Elitzur, "Water and Dust Emission from W Hydrae", Ap. J. Lett. 544, L137 (2000).
  • Z. Ivezic and M. Elitzur, "Infrared classification of Galactic objects", Ap. J. Lett. 534, L93 (2000)
  • A. Miroshnichenko, Z. Ivezic, D. Vinkovic and M. Elitzur, "Dust Emission from Herbig Ae/Be Stars - Evidence for Disks and Envelopes", Ap. J. Lett. 520, L115 (1999).
  • J.F. Kartje, A. Konigl and M. Elitzur, "Dust-Shielded Clouds as the Sites of Water Megamaser Emission in Active Galactic Nuclei", Ap. J. 513, 180 (1999).
  • P. Lockett, E. Gauthier, and M. Elitzur, "OH 1720 MHz Masers in Supernova Remnants - C-Shock Indicators," Ap. J. 511, 235 (1999).
  • M. Elitzur, "Polarization of Astronomical Maser Radiation IV. Circular Polarization Profiles", Ap. J. 504, 123 (1998).
  • Z. Ivezic and M. Elitzur, "Self-Similarity and Scaling Behavior of IR Emission from Radiatively Heated Dust: I. Theory, Mon. Not. Roy. Ast. Soc. 287, 799 (1997).
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