Latiful Kabir

  • Graduate Student
  • Physics & Astronomy
865-576-2115 (Office)
Research Interests:
Comissioned at ORNL

Graduate Student in Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Kentucky



Philosophy of Nature (Physics) is my professional field. My research field is in Nuclear Physics. My other research area of interest includes Computational Physics.In my spare time I like to have fun either doing programming or online teaching. My programming portfolio: My online teaching portfolio:


Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Continue)
University of Kentucky, 2010-2015 (expected);

Master of Science (MS) in Physics
University of Kentucky, 2010-2012 ;

Master of Science (MS) in Theoretical Physics
University of Dhaka, 2005-2006 ;

Bachelor of Science (MS) in Physics
University of Dhaka, 2001-2005 ;

Higher Secondary School Certificate
Notre Dame College, 2009-2011 ;

Secondary School Certificate
Pabna Zilla School, 2007-2009


Current research field is experimental nuclear physics. Currently working on the n3He experiment at SNS designed to probe hadronic weak interaction .My other research area of interest includes Computational Physics. Currently commissioned at Oak Ridge National Lab as part of the PhD research project. Responsible for the Data Acquisition System(DAQ) and Analysis of the n3He Expt at SNS( Apart from analysis, responsible to develop software for DAQ control GUI, controller for XY robot, analysis library, Object Oriented Programming(OOP) based analysis(ROOT) script, Unix based DAQ firmware scripts, serial and parallel port programming, Socket (TCP/IP) programming ,data storage and management(RAID array) and other software developments necessary for the experiment.

Talks Presented

1. APS April 2014 Meeting,Savannah GA Title: Data Acquisition System for n3He Experiment Travel grant provided by: Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP)
2. Ohio-Region Section of the APS (OSAPS) Fall 2013 Meeting October 4-5, 2013 , University of Cincinnati, OH Title of the talk: Chopper Optimization for the NPDGamma Experiment Travel grant provided by American Physical Society (APS)
3. High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source 2(HIGS2) Workshop. Title:The n3He Experiment- probing the hadronic weak interaction.(Poster Presentation) June 3-4,2013 ,Duke University,Durham, NC Travel Grant Provided By: Huffaker Travel Scholarships

Workshop/Meeting Attended

1. High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source 2(HIGS2) Workshop June 3-4,2013, Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL), Duke University,Durham, NC Travel Grant Provided By: Huffaker Travel Scholarships
2. The annual meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society. October 23-26,2013. Newport News, Virginia

Courses taken at Univ of KY

Advanced Mechanics (PHY504), Quantum Mechanics-I (PHY614), Quantum Mechanics-II (PHY615), Statistical Mechanics (PHY632), Electromagnetic Theory-I (PHY611), Electromagnetic Theory-II (PHY613), Methods of Theoretical Physics-I (PHY506), Fundamental Atomic Physics (PHY554), Fundamental Nuclear Physics (PHY555), Quantum Field Theory-I (PHY616), Quantum Field Theory-II (PHY716), Quantum Field Theory-III (PHY600), Computational Physics (PHY600), Materials for Device Application (PHY600)

Courses taken at Univ of Dhaka

Condensed matter physics (TPG501), Group theory and differential geometry (TPG540), Computational physics (TPG580), Statistical mechanics (TPG525), Modern field theory (PH425), Electronics and Computer (PH424), Solid state physics (PH322)

Teaching(as TA at Univ of KY)

Fall 2010: PHY 242:Electricity & Magnetism Lab Spring 2011: PHY 241:Mechanics Lab Summer 2011: PHY 242:Electricity & Magnetism Lab Fall 2011: PHY 241:Mechanics Lab Spring 2012: PHY 241:Mechanics Lab Summer 2012: PHY 213:General Physics Recitation and Lab Fall 2012: PHY 241:Mechanics Lab Spring 2013: PHY 242 :Electricity & Magnetism Lab

Programming and Computational Skills

ROOT, OOP, C++, Java, Python, Unix, Git, HTML, Android App Development, LaTeX, Web Design, C#, Objective-C, PHP, Perl, CSS, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Simulation, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Matlab, Socket Programming, Serial Communications, Parallel Port Communications, Qt

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