Richard Lamb

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Emeritus Professor (Iowa State University, Dept. of Physics)
  • Physics & Astronomy

B.S.: M.I.T. 1955 Ph. D.: University of Kentucky, 1963 Argonne National Laboratory 1963-67 Iowa State University 1967-96 California Institute of Technology 1996-2004 University of Kentucky 2004-


My general research interest is observational high energy astrophysics. Most recently I have been involved in the analysis of archival satellite data, using instruments on the Gamma Ray Observatory (mostly EGRET) and various X-ray satellites (Rosat, RXTE, XMM, and Chandra). My X-ray work has resulted in the discovery of 10 previously unknown X-ray binary pulsars. In 2007 the Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) with an order-of-magnitude improvement over EGRET is scheduled to be launched. I intend to be an active user of its public database searching for previously unknown gamma-ray pulsars.

Selected Publications: 
  • D.A.Lewis, R.C.Lamb, and S.D. Biller, "Phase Coherence for TeV/PeV Binary Sources," Astrophysical Journal, 269, 479 (1991)
  • R.C.Lamb, "Overview of TeV Gamma Ray Observations", Space Science Reviews, 75, 53, (1996)
  • R.C.Lamb and D.J.Macomb, "Point Sources of GeV Gamma Rays", Astrophysical Journal, 488, 872, (1997)
  • A.M.Chandler, D.T.Koh, R.C.Lamb, D.J.Macomb, J.R.Mattox, T.A.Prince, and R.S.Ray, "A Search for Radio-Quiet Gamma-ray Pulsars", Astrophysical Journal 556, 59 (2001)
  • R.C.Lamb, D.W.Fox, D.J.Macomb, T.A.Prince, "Discovery of a Possible Anomalous X-ray Pulsar in the Small Magellanic Cloud", Astrophysical Journal Letters, 574, 29L (2002)
  • W.A.Majid, R.C.Lamb, D.J.Macomb, "X-ray Pulsars in the Small Magellanic Cloud", 609, 133 (2004)
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