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New Mexico
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What Do I Do?

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I am a nuclear physics graduate student whose primary focus is on neutron physics--more specifically, using the neutron as a laboratory to probe some of the fundamental symmetries in the Standard Model of physics. My current project is measuring the longitudinal parity violation present in neutron-nucleus interactions of La-139, i.e. the mixing of compound nuclear states (nuclear resonances) that form when incident neutrons interact weakly with La-139, forming the short-lived La-140 state. I am a member of the NOPTREX (Neutron Optics Parity and Time Reversal EXperiment) collaboration, which seeks to relate these parity violating processes to potential Time Reversal (T) violating processes. Such T-violating processes would help physicists better explain the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry that formed in the early moments of the universe, leaving us with the matter that makes up most of the world around us (but probably not more than 4% of the universe, due to that pesky issue of dark matter). But then again, it turns out that neutrons could be useful in understanding dark matter, too!


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