Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Number
jbabne2's picture
Josh Abney Graduate Student j.b.abney@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
aab239's picture
Ashkan Abtahi Graduate Student a.abtahi@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
jkadki4's picture
J. Kevin Adkins Physics Graduate Student, Advisor: Renee Fatemi kevin.adkins@uky.edu Chemistry-Physics Building Rm 267 859-257-2772
xai222's picture
Xuguang Ai Graduate Student xuguang.ai@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
NAJ222's picture
Nikhil Ajgaonkar Graduate Student nikhil.aj@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
aaal234's picture
Alina Aleksandrova Graduate Student aaal234@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
man237's picture
Maxwell Ankrah Academic Coordinator maxwell.ankrah@uky.edu CP135, Chemistry-Physics Building (859)-323-0600
aan224's picture
Armin Ansary Graduate Student armin.ansary@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
hebabe2's picture
Gene Baber Research Associate Senior baber@pa.uky.edu CP059, CP063 (Lab) (859) 257-8624 , (859) 257-6707 (Lab)
fba234's picture
Fatih Balli Graduate Student fatih.balli@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
jba349's picture
Joseph Bates Graduate Student joseph.bates@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
MBE275's picture
Mojtaba Behzadipour Graduate Student mojaba.behzadipour@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
suketu's picture
Suketu Bhavsar Professor Emeritus suketu@email.uky.edu
dbi224's picture
Bi Da Graduate Student da.bi@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
mbo223's picture
Mathias Boland mathias.boland@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
jsbr247's picture
Jared Brewington Graduate Student jared.brewington@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
jwbrill's picture
Joseph Brill Professor jwbrill@uky.edu CP381, CP182 (Lab) 859-257-4670, 859-257-6719 (Lab)
mabr247's picture
Mark Broering Graduate Student mark.broering1@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
cmbrow8's picture
Max Brown Instructional Designer max.brown@uky.edu CP70
mabr239's picture
Michael Brown Graduate Student, Research Assistant michael.brown1@uky.edu CP354 859-257-6720
mjcava1's picture
Michael Cavagnero Professor of Physics mike@pa.uky.edu CP357 859-257-6733
rch264's picture
Ritwika Chakraborty Graduate Student ritwika.chakraborty@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
mch259's picture
Marios Chatzikos marios@pa.uky.edu CP354C 859-257-9169
qch233's picture
Qing Chen Graduate Student qing.chen@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
ych224's picture
Yang-Tse Cheng Joint Professor Chemical and..., Frank J. Derbyshire Professor... yang.t.cheng@uky.edu 179 FPAT ISM 859-323-4191
jchris's picture
John Christopher Professor Emeritus jchris@uky.edu
acco239's picture
Angela Collier Graduate Student angela.collier@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
jgco232's picture
John Connell Graduate Student johnconnell@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
connolly's picture
John W.D. Connolly Emeritus Director, Center for..., Program Director for the... connolly@uky.edu McVey325 859-257-8737
mgwirt2's picture
Melissa Cowan Grant Program Coordinator... mgwirt2@uky.edu 361 Jacobs Science Building; Campus 0174 (859) 257-7079
cbcraw2's picture
Christopher Crawford Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies crawford@pa.uky.edu CP373, CP073 (Lab) 859-257-2504, 859-257-2761 (Lab)
jde225's picture
Jonathan D'Emidio Graduate Student jde225 CP265A 859-257-6206
jrdadi2's picture
Ryan Dadisman Graduate Student Ryan.Dadisman@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
ada258's picture
Ankur Das Graduate Student ada258@g.uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
srdas2's picture
Sumit R. Das Department Chair das@pa.uky.edu CP177F, CP387D 859-257-1328 (Chair Office), 859-257-4686 (Upstairs Office
lander's picture
Lance De Long Professor of Physics,..., Faculty Associate, Advanced..., Associate Director,... lance.delong@uky.edu CP363, CP158 (Lab), CP75 (Lab), A041/A045 (ASTeCC Lab) 859-257-4775, 859-257-8883 (Lab), 859-218-6526 (ASTeCC)
MDE277's picture
Maryam Dehghanian Graduate Student m.dehghanian@uky.edu CP250 859-257-3941
pde239's picture
Paul DeLange pde239@uky.edu CP265 859-257-2757
nsde224's picture
Nisheeta Desai Graduate Student nisheeta.desai@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
sdo244's picture
Samir Donmazov Graduate Student s.donmazov CP250 859 257-3941
bcdoyl2's picture
Brian Doyle IT Manager brian.doyle@uky.edu CP293 (859) 257-1995
draper's picture
Terrence Draper Professor draper@pa.uky.edu CP389 859-257-3413
ady223's picture
Anatoly Dymarsky Assistant Professor a.dymarsky@uky.edu CP387B (859)-257-4720
meides's picture
Michael Eides Professor eides@pa.uky.edu CP279 859-257-3997
gbek222's picture
Gemunu Ekanayake Graduate Student gemunu.ekanayake@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
moshe's picture
Moshe Elitzur Emeritus Professor moshe@pa.uky.edu
bwfarm2's picture
Barry Farmer Graduate Student barry.farmer@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
mfa223's picture
M.Javad Farrokhi Graduate Student mj.farrokhi@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
rhfate2's picture
Renee Fatemi Associate Professor rfatemi@pa.uky.edu CP375, CP263 (Lab) 859-257-2664, 859-257-5565 (Lab)
gary's picture
Gary Ferland Professor gary@uky.edu CP291 859-257-8795
afr236's picture
Ali Frotanpour Graduate Student frotanpour@uky.edu CP267 859-257-2772
mfu234's picture
Mitsutoshi Fujita mitsutoshi.fujita@uky.edu CP265 859-257-7544
fgu222's picture
Fran Guzman Fulgencio francisco.guzman@uky.edu CP354C 859-257-9169
sgard2's picture
Susan Gardner Professor gardner@pa.uky.edu CP361 859-257-4391
mhge223's picture
Michelle Gervais Graduate Student michelle.gervais@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
agh229's picture
Animik Ghosh Graduate Student animik.ghosh@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
DSGO225's picture
Danula Godagama Teaching Assistant , Graduate Student danula.godagama@uky.edu CP250 (859)-913-6173
wpgo222's picture
Wesley Gohn gohn@pa.uky.edu CP267 859-257-2772
castimxa's picture
Tim Gorringe Professor tim.gorringe@uky.edu CP273, CP263 (Lab) 859-257-8740, 859-257-5565 (Lab)
jhgr225's picture
John Gruenewald Graduate Student john.gruenewald@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
fha234's picture
Fang Han Graduate Student, Research Assistant fang.han@uky.edu 267 Chemistry-Physics Building 859-257-2772
jlhe227's picture
Jacob Hempel Graduate Student jlhe227@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
aphi224's picture
Austin Hinkel Graduate Student austin.hinkel@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
thu249's picture
Tongxi Hu Graduate Student tongxi.hu@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
eja223's picture
Ehsan Jafari Graduate Student ehsan.jafari@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
mlka223's picture
Latiful Kabir Graduate Student latifulkabir@uky.edu ORNL 865-576-2115 (Office)
aka283's picture
Ashish Kakkar Graduate Student ashish.kakkar@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
apka226's picture
Amrit Kaphle Graduate Student amrit.kaphle@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
ribhukaul's picture
Ribhu Kaul Associate Professor rkk@pa.uky.edu CP383 859-257-1697, 859-323-2846 (Fax)
leke223's picture
Laura Kelton Graduate Student laura.kelton@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
bki247's picture
Bom Soo Kim Postdoctoral Researcher bom.soo.kim@uky.edu CP395
bki225's picture
Brian Kim Graduate Student brian.kim@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
tgknau00's picture
Tim Knauer MacAdam Student Observatory... timknauer@uky.edu CP149 (859) 257-7147
wkkors0's picture
Wolfgang Korsch Professor, University Research Professor... korsch@pa.uky.edu CP277, CP061 (Lab), CP263 (Nuclear Lab) 859-257-4083, 859-257-6706 (Lab), 859-257-5565 (Nuclear Lab)
kovash's picture
Michael A. Kovash Professor kovash@pa.uky.edu CP371, CP263 (Lab) 859-257-1150, 859-257-5565 (Lab)
lamb's picture
Richard Lamb Adjunct Professor, Emeritus Professor (Iowa... lamb@uky.edu
djla227's picture
Daniel Lazarz Graduate Student daniel.lazarz@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
lia's picture
Bing An Li Emeritus Professor li@pa.uky.edu CP181A 859-257-1486
XLI328's picture
Xingchen Li Graduate Student xingchen.li@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
jli364's picture
Jian Liang jian.liang@uky.edu CP388 859-257-2797
liu's picture
Keh-Fei Liu Professor liu@pa.uky.edu CP393 859-257-4849
sli279's picture
Sinong Liu Graduate Student sinong.liu@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
sslo222's picture
Stacy Long Graduate Student stacy.long@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
alo265's picture
Abel Manuel Lorente Campos Graduate Student abel.lorente@uky.edu CP250 859 257-3941
amack2's picture
Alan MacKellar Professor Emeritus alan.mackellar1@uky.edu
lma249's picture
Lakshya Malhotra Graduate Student lakshya.malhotra@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
nmartin's picture
Nicholas Martin Professor nmartin@uky.edu CP379, CP056 (Lab) 859-257-5840, 859-257-2899 (Lab)
spmayn2's picture
Steve Maynard Machinist Principal steven.maynard@uky.edu CP071 (859) 257-5636
marcus's picture
Marcus McEllistrem Professor Emeritus marcus@pa.uky.edu CP067 859-257-3403
jmc257's picture
Jason McGinnis Graduate Student jason.mcginnis@uky.edu CP267 859-257-2772
swme224's picture
Scott Meadows Graduate Student swademead@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
super250's picture
Madhu Menon Associate Director, CCS madhu@cscs.uky.edu 314McVey 859-257-8737
ammo273's picture
Amber Moore Graduate Student, Physics amber.moore1@uky.edu CP252
jemorr3's picture
Jim Morris Research Facility Manager james.morris@uky.edu CP071 (859) 257-5636
murthy's picture
Ganpathy Murthy Professor murthy@pa.uky.edu CP295 859-257-4729
mna232's picture
Mohsen Nasseri Graduate Student mohsen.nasseri@uky.edu CP267 859-257-2772
rkne222's picture
Kres Neely Graduate Student Kres.Neely@uky.edu CP267 859-257-2772
scne227's picture
Subash Nepal Graduate Student subash.nepal@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
kwng's picture
Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威) Professor, Director of Undergraduate... kwng@uky.edu CP171, CP054 (Lab) 859-257-1782, 859-323-2846 (Fax), 859-257-4796 (Lab)
nno222's picture
Nima Nouri Graduate Student nima.nouri@uky.edu CP354 859-257-6720
tgpa222's picture
Tom Pace Graduate Student tom.pace@uky.edu CP265A 859-257-6206
brplas2's picture
Brad Plaster Associate Professor brad.plaster@uky.edu CP-281, CP-354 (Lab) 859-257-3960, 859-257-6720 (Lab)
tgport2's picture
Greg Porter Engineer gporter@pa.uky.edu CP074 859-257-4155
jdqual's picture
Joshua Qualls joshua.qualls@uky.edu CP395
HRA228's picture
Hadi Rahmaninejad Graduate Student hadi.rahmaninejad@uky.edu CP 250 (859) 257-3941, hra228, hra228
sra233's picture
Suvarna Ramachandran Graduate Research Assistant suvarna.r@uky.edu CP267 859-257-2772
drava2's picture
Dhananjay Ravat Professor of Geophysics dhananjay.ravat@uky.edu 305A Slone (inside office) 859-257-4726 (no messages)
dlyate2's picture
Diane Riddell Department Manager Associate... diane.yates@uky.edu CP177 (859) 257-6101
MRO292's picture
Murchhana Roy Graduate Student mro292@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
asa296's picture
Amartya Saha Graduate Student amartya.saha@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
dcsc225's picture
Danielle Schaper Graduate Student, Experimental Nuclear Physics danielle.schaper@uky.edu CP 252, CP 354 859-257-3942
sse227's picture
Ambrose Seo Assistant Professor a.seo@uky.edu CP-385 (Office), CP-51A & 63A (Lab) 859-257-5473 (Office), 859-257-4938 (Lab)
msh249's picture
Maryam Shahi Graduate Student maryam.shahi@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
MHSH222's picture
Mohammed Shammisaldeen Instructional Lab Coordinator... mhsh2221954@uky.edu CP161 (859) 257-4797
shapere's picture
Alfred Shapere Professor and Associate... shapere at pa dot uky dot edu CP365 859-257-8896
jsh277's picture
Jun Shi Graduate Student jun.shi@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
esh223's picture
Evan Shirley Graduate Student evan.shirley5@gmail.com CP250 859-257-3941
super234's picture
Isaac Shlosman Professor shlosman@pa.uky.edu CP289 859-257-3461
jshor2's picture
Jessica Short-Long Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant jessica.short@uky.edu CP359 859-257-1397
casm229's picture
Cory Smith Graduate Student lansmith@uky.edu CP250 (859) 257-3941
mso225's picture
Maryam Souri Graduate Student maryam.souri@uky.edu CP390
asp225's picture
Aaron Sprow Graduate Student aaron.sprow@uky.edu
drst222's picture
Douglas Strachan Associate Professor doug.strachan@uky.edu CP387A, CP154 (Lab) 859-257-3143, 859-257-2511 (Lab)
jstraley's picture
Joseph Straley Professor , Provost's Distinguished... straley@pa.uky.edu CP285, CP163 (Lab) 859-257-3197
rssu225's picture
Raza Sufian Graduate Student sabbir.sufian@uky.edu CP388 859 257-2797
epte223's picture
Eric Teipel Graduate Student epte223@G.uky.edu CP250 859-257-3941
jte224's picture
Jasminka Terzic Graduate Student jasminka.terzic@uky.edu CP180 859-257-6876
jkth223's picture
Justin Thompson Graduate Student justin.thompson5@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238
catipt3's picture
Charles Tipton Machinist Senior catipt3@uky.edu CP071 (859) 257-5636
casthomc's picture
Thomas Troland Professor troland@pa.uky.edu CP283 859-257-8620
gwa234's picture
Gen Wang Graduate Student genwang27@uky.edu CP388 859 257-2797
cmwe227's picture
Mike Weaver Graduate Student mike.weaver@uky.edu CP390 859 257-5238
Jweil's picture
Jesse Weil Professor Emeritus weil@alpha0.iki.kfki.hu
lvhook01's picture
Libby Weir Department Manager Senior, Department of Physics &... libby.weir@uky.edu CP177 (859) 257-3770
jswi236's picture
Julia Wildeboer jwildboer@uky.edu CP265A 859-257-6206
rjwi222's picture
Ron Wilhelm Associate Professor ron.wilhelm@uky.edu CP275 859-257-6727
crwi245's picture
Charles Wilton c.wilton@uky.edu CP354C 859-257-9169
jswo223's picture
Justin Woods Graduate Student justin.s.woods@uky.edu CP390 859-257-5238, 304-638-0924
rya225's picture
Renbin Yan Assistant Professor yanrenbin@uky.edu CP271 859-257-0795
xya226's picture
Xinshuai Yan Graduate Student xinshuai.yan@uky.edu CP390 859 257-5238
YYA233's picture
Yulong Yao Graduate Student yulong.yao@uky.edu CP252 859-257-3942
yates's picture
Steven W. Yates Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Physics and..., Arts & Sciences... yates@uky.edu 307 Chemistry-Physics Building, 063 Chemistry-Physics Building (Lab) 859-257-4005 (office), 859-257-6707 (lab)
kzh234's picture
Kai Zhang zkdtckk@gmail.com CP359 859-559-1811
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