Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Number
man237's picture
Maxwell Ankrah Academic Coordinator maxwell.ankrah@uky.edu CP135, Chemistry-Physics Building (859)-323-0600
hebabe2's picture
Gene Baber Research Associate Senior baber@pa.uky.edu CP059, CP063 (Lab) (859) 257-8624 , (859) 257-6707 (Lab)
cmbrow8's picture
Max Brown Instructional Designer max.brown@uky.edu CP70
mgwirt2's picture
Melissa Cowan Grant Program Coordinator Senior mgwirt2@uky.edu 361 Jacobs Science Building; Campus 0174 (859) 257-7079
bcdoyl2's picture
Brian Doyle IT Manager brian.doyle@uky.edu CP293 (859) 257-1995
tgknau00's picture
Tim Knauer MacAdam Student Observatory Manager timknauer@uky.edu CP149 (859) 257-7147
spmayn2's picture
Steve Maynard Machinist Principal steven.maynard@uky.edu CP071 (859) 257-5636
jemorr3's picture
Jim Morris Research Facility Manager james.morris@uky.edu CP071 (859) 257-5636
tgport2's picture
Greg Porter Engineer gporter@pa.uky.edu CP074 859-257-4155
dlyate2's picture
Diane Riddell Department Manager Associate, Department of Physics & Astronomy diane.yates@uky.edu CP177 (859) 257-6101
MHSH222's picture
Mohammed Shammisaldeen Instructional Lab Coordinator Senior mhsh2221954@uky.edu CP161 (859) 257-4797
catipt3's picture
Charles Tipton Machinist Senior catipt3@uky.edu CP071 (859) 257-5636
lvhook01's picture
Libby Weir Department Manager Senior, Department of Physics & Astronomy libby.weir@uky.edu CP177 (859) 257-3770
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