Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Number Research
wkkors0's picture
Wolfgang Korsch Professor wkkors0@uky.edu CP277, CP061 (Lab), CP263 (Nuclear Lab) 859-257-4083, 859-257-6706 (Lab), 859-257-5565 (Nuclear Lab)
kovash's picture
Michael A. Kovash Professor kovash@g.uky.edu CP371, CP263 (Lab) 859-257-1150, 859-257-5565 (Lab)
lia's picture
Bing An Li Emeritus Professor bing.li@uky.edu CP181A 859-257-1486
liu's picture
Keh-Fei Liu Professor liu@g.uky.edu CP393 859-257-4849
nmartin's picture
Nicholas Martin Professor nmartin@uky.edu CP379, CP056 (Lab) 859-257-5840, 859-257-2899 (Lab)
marcus's picture
Marcus McEllistrem Emeritus Professor marcus@uky.edu CP067 859-257-3403
super250's picture
Madhu Menon Adjunct Professor super250@g.uky.edu (859) 257-6722
murthy's picture
Ganpathy Murthy Professor murthy@pa.uky.edu CP295 859-257-4729
kwng's picture
Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威) Professor kwng@uky.edu CP171, CP054 (Lab) 859-257-1782, 859-323-2846 (Fax), 859-257-4796 (Lab)
brplas2's picture
Brad Plaster Associate Professor and Associate Chair brad.plaster@uky.edu CP-281, CP-354 (Lab) 859-257-3960, 859-257-6720 (Lab)
drava2's picture
Dhananjay Ravat Joint Professor, Geophysics dhananjay.ravat@uky.edu 305A Slone (inside office) 859-257-4726 (no messages)
sse227's picture
Ambrose Seo Associate Professor a.seo@uky.edu CP-385 (Office), CP-51A & 63A (Lab) 859-257-5473 (Office), 859-257-4938 (Lab)
shapere's picture
Alfred Shapere Professor and Department Chair shapere at g dot uky dot edu CP177 (Chair Office), CP365 859-257-1328 (Chair Office), 859-257-8896
super234's picture
Isaac Shlosman Professor isaac.shlosman@uky.edu CP289 859-257-3461
drst222's picture
Douglas Strachan Associate Professor doug.strachan@uky.edu CP387A, CP154 (Lab) 859-257-3143, 859-257-2511 (Lab)
jstraley's picture
Joseph Straley Professor jstraley@g.uky.edu CP285, CP163 (Lab) 859-257-3197
casthomc's picture
Thomas Troland Professor troland@pa.uky.edu CP283 859-257-8620
Jweil's picture
Jesse Weil Emeritus Professor weil@alpha0.iki.kfki.hu
rjwi222's picture
Ron Wilhelm Associate Professor ron.wilhelm@uky.edu CP275 859-257-6727
rya225's picture
Renbin Yan Assistant Professor yanrenbin@uky.edu CP271 859-257-0795


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