Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Research
jkadki4's picture
J. Kevin Adkins Instructor, Postdoctoral Scholar kevin.adkins@uky.edu CP354C 859-257-9169
jwbrill's picture
Joseph Brill Professor jwbrill@uky.edu CP381, CP182 (Lab) 859-257-4670, 859-257-6719 (Lab)
mjcava1's picture
Michael Cavagnero Professor michael.cavagnero@uky.edu on leave at NSF
mch259's picture
Marios Chatzikos Assistant Research Professor mchatzikos@uky.edu CP354C 859-257-9169
ych224's picture
Yang-Tse Cheng Joint Professor Chemical and Materials Engineering, Frank J. Derbyshire Professor of Materials Science yang.t.cheng@uky.edu 179 FPAT ISM 859-323-4191
cbcraw2's picture
Christopher Crawford Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies c.crawford@uky.edu CP373, CP073 (Lab) 859-257-2504, 859-257-2761 (Lab)
srdas2's picture
Sumit R. Das Professor sumit.das@uky.edu CP387D 859-257-4686
lander's picture
Lance De Long Professor lance.delong@uky.edu CP363, CP158 (Lab), CP75 (Lab), A041/A045 (ASTeCC Lab) 859-257-4775, 859-257-8883 (Lab), 859-218-6526 (ASTeCC)
draper's picture
Terrence Draper Professor draper@g.uky.edu CP389 859-257-3413
ady223's picture
Anatoly Dymarsky Assistant Professor a.dymarsky@uky.edu CP387B (859)-257-4720
meides's picture
Michael Eides Professor meides@g.uky.edu CP279 859-257-3997
moshe's picture
Moshe Elitzur Emeritus Professor moshe@g.uky.edu
lefa232's picture
Lauren Falco Instructor lefa232@uky.edu CP 387C 859-257-0789
rhfate2's picture
Renee Fatemi Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies renee.fatemi@uky.edu CP375 859-257-2664
gary's picture
Gary Ferland Professor gary@uky.edu CP291 859-257-8795
sgard2's picture
Susan Gardner Professor gardner@pa.uky.edu CP361 859-257-4391
castimxa's picture
Tim Gorringe Professor tim.gorringe@uky.edu CP273, CP263 (Lab) 859-257-8740, 859-257-5565 (Lab)
rhi235's picture
Richard Hill Associate Professor rhi235 CP377 859-257-1997
ihorv2's picture
Ivan Horvath Associate Research Professor, Joint: Department of Anesthesiology ivan.horvath@uky.edu MDR3 211, CP 388 859-257-6295
rka226's picture
Ribhu Kaul Associate Professor ribhu.kaul@uky.edu CP383 859-257-1697, 859-323-2846 (Fax)


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