The muon anomalous magnetic moment and Fermilab g-2 experiment

05/01/2020 - 3:30pm to 4:59pm
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Tim Gorringe
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While we applaud the many successes of the standard model the theory is full of holes. For example, no gravity, no dark matter, no dark energy, and a pitifully small matter-antimatter asymmetry. And so terrestrial searches for physics beyond the standard model became big business in subatomic physics.
The muon's anomalous magnetic moment is a celebrated standard model test. The anomaly arises from vacuum fluctuation and presumably accumulates contributions from both the known particles and forces of nature and the unknown particles and forces of nature. Given the remarkable precision with which the anomaly is calculable and measurable, it represents both a unique test of the standard model and a big net in fishing for new physics.
The prior measurement of the anomaly - BNL 821 - served-up a tantalizing, two-decade 3.5 σ with the standard model. Our Fermilab g-2 experiment is aimed at a 140 parts-per-billion (four-fold improvement) in the determination of the anomaly. In this "colloquium-lite" (we don't yet have a result) I''ll discuss the story of the muon and its anomaly and some of the ingenuity and the technology that's been applied to its measurement.
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