Independent Work In Physics

Independent Work In Physics

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Students may select an approved topic for study under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits. Prereq: Major and a standing of 3.0 in the department.


Fall 2017
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
PHY 395-001 1.0-3.0 TBD Kwokwai Ng
PHY 395-002 1.0-3.0 TBD Michael A Kovash
PHY 395-003 1.0-3.0 TBD Ronald Joseph Wilhelm
PHY 395-004 1.0-3.0 TBD L E Delong
PHY 395-005 1.0-3.0 TBD Christopher B. Crawford
PHY 395-006 1.0-3.0 TBD Renee H. Fatemi
PHY 395-007 1.0-3.0 TBD J W Brill
PHY 395-008 1.0-3.0 TBD Wolfgang Korsch
PHY 395-009 1.0-3.0 TBD Bradley R. Plaster
PHY 395-011 1.0-3.0 TBD Ganpathy Murthy
PHY 395-012 1.0-3.0 TBD Susan V Gardner
PHY 395-013 1.0-3.0 TBD Renbin Yan
PHY 395-014 1.0-3.0 TBD Timothy Gene Knauer
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