General University Physics Laboratory

General University Physics Laboratory

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A laboratory course offering experiments in electricity, magnetism, and light, framed in a small group environment that requires coordination and team work in the development of a well written lab report.


Spring 2018
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
PHY 242-001 1.0 Rm.254 Chenyu Zhao; Maxwell Ankrah
PHY 242-002 1.0 Rm.254 Maxwell Ankrah; Xingchen Li
PHY 242-003 1.0 Rm.254 Maxwell Ankrah; Michelle Hope Gervais
PHY 242-004 1.0 Rm.254 Amartya Saha; Maxwell Ankrah
PHY 242-005 1.0 Rm.254 Samir Donmazov; Maxwell Ankrah
PHY 242-006 1.0 Rm.254 Maxwell Ankrah; Piya Amara Palamure
PHY 242-007 1.0 Rm.254 Piya Amara Palamure; Maxwell Ankrah
PHY 242-008 1.0 Rm.254 Maxwell Ankrah; Amartya Saha
PHY 242-009 1.0 Rm.254 Samir Donmazov; Maxwell Ankrah
PHY 242-010 1.0 Rm.254 Xingchen Li; Maxwell Ankrah
PHY 242-012 1.0 Rm.254 TBD
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