General University Physics

General University Physics

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First part of a two-semester survey of classical physics. Consequences of the principles of mechanics are developed conceptually, analytically and quantitatively. Lecture, three hours; recitation, one hour per week.


Spring 2022
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
PHY 231-001 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.114 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-002 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.333 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-003 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.218 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-004 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.208 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-005 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.B8 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-006 4.0 Rm.347, Rm.155 William J. Gannon
PHY 231-007 4.0 Rm.333, Rm.155 William J. Gannon
PHY 231-008 4.0 Rm.103, Rm.155 William J. Gannon
PHY 231-009 4.0 Rm.208, Rm.155 William J. Gannon
PHY 231-010 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.203 William J. Gannon
PHY 231-012 4.0 Rm.155, Rm.211 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-013 4.0 Rm.B8, Rm.155 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-014 4.0 Rm.103, Rm.155 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
PHY 231-015 4.0 Rm.349, Rm.155 Kwok-Wai Ng (吳國威)
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